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A platform where we share our research and knowledge of key industries and provide access to our credit risk ratings across sub-Saharan Africa

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industry Risk

Our analysis examines the market driving forces and key risks that the industries under coverage face


Access all our credit risk ratings for obligors in Nigeria, Kenya and Rwanda


Our bespoke market & investment research service for investors seeking a deeper understanding of the operating environment in order to create value

Industry Reports

Annual publications that contain expert analysis of various sectors and over 40 industries in Nigeria

Coverage of seven sectors and over 30 industries in Nigeria

Our Industry Risk Service and Comprehensive Industry Reports provide the following:

  • An assessment of the macroeconomic environment and the impact on the industries under coverage
  • A risk rating for the industries under coverage
  • Analyses of policy and regulatory guidelines and the impact on the industries/li>
  • Business intelligence including tracked trends and developments
  • Financial updates and reviews of forecasts
  • Opportunities identified within the industries
  • Analysis of the bankability of the industries
  • Direct access to our team of industry analysts/subject matter experts
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    Credit Risk Ratings on Financial Institutions, Corporates, Municipal and more

    We assign credit risk ratings to various entities including financial institutions, companies in the industrial & commercial sectors, state governments, mutual funds, asset management companies, leasing companies and pension funds.

  • The rating is monitored and can be revised upwards or downwards depending on changes that occur in the organization during the validity period of the rating.
  • We adopt globally accepted methods of assessing borrowers and determining the risk ratings.
  • Our bank ratings also include an assessment of the framework for compliance with the requirements of the Basle II and III accords.
  • Our thorough credit risk assessment process provides insights that can be used to guide the decision making of corporate borrowers as well as lenders
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    Value Added Service

    Our client specific research enjoys strong synergies with our Consulting Business. Thus, the solutions we provide are based on a pragmatic approach taken on behalf of our clients. We provide hand-holding services to businesses seeking to identify new playing fields and craft winning strategies.

  • Help the business identify its primary competitors including an analysis of the strategies each employs and the strengths and weaknesses to better understand how operations can be improved.
  • Help companies who want a review of the business model to ensure optimal use of available resources and/or to consider possible changes in strategy.
  • Provide Target Market Studies to brownfield investors seeking to expand and green field investors seeking new playing fields
  • Provide independent market research to syndication clubs and other financiers.
  • Comprehensively review operating strategies of peers to create a Market Penetration Strategy to help our clients gain market share rapidly
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